How Did We End Up Here?

Press Together was originally founded by Jason Churchwell and Jared Thurmon in November of 2013. Press Together offered unique raw, organic, cold-pressed juices at the One Atlanta Plaza in Buckhead, GA. Press Together utilized a central bottling facility concept which allowed for additional satellite locations to be opened quickly without needing all of the equipment necessary to manufacture juice. Fresh juice would be transported from Press Together’s manufacturing hub in Buckhead to other retail spaces and workspaces throughout the Atlanta metro area. Press Together’s menu quickly expanded to include a full line of juices, cashew milks, alkaline waters, smoothies, and fruit bowls. Detox Box became a registered trademark of Press Together and included a cleanse package which included five juices, one milk, and three flavored alkaline waters.

Far away from Press Together’s operations in Georgia, a young Seventh-day Adventist group of millennial literature evangelists called Thrive formed in order to train churches how to evangelize their community through whole body wellness initiatives over a nine-month term. In 2015, Thrive partnered with Pastor Ryan Hablitzel and the Ogden Seventh-day Adventist Church to work in Ogden, UT. After experiencing the group’s ability to engage and retain millennials, Hablitzel strategized with Thrive’s leadership to create a more sustainable platform for the team. The concept of a Seventh-day Adventist owned juice bar designed to employ mission-minded young people born.

Hablitzel continued to push the juice bar concept forward, recruited individuals to serve on a board of directors, and fundraised enough up-front capital to get things moving. What emerged was not simply a retail establishment, but a not-for-profit church plant concept that would provide sustainable employment for mission mined young people and engaged communities with street-level hands-on ministry.

In 2016, Hablitzel connected with Churchwell and negotiated the sale of Press Together’s Georgia based juice bar business by the Nevada-Utah Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. This action would allow Hablitzel to bring a proven cold-pressed juice brand to Utah for the new not-for-profit church plant project. Churchwell would remain on with the project as a Press Together board member and executive advisor.


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